The Best Ads and Campaigns of 2017

2017 was an unforgettable year and the term ‘unforgettable’ also rings true for the marketing and advertising world. Consumers witnessed incredible and cringe-worthy advertisements alike and over the course of the year and many advertisements and campaigns later, the QMA took note of advertisements that really stood out to us. We wanted to share the advertisements that made us think, laugh and had an impact on us and the world we live in. We hope you enjoy what we consider the best advertisements of 2017 and we wish you a Happy New Year!

1. The Fearless Girl  What better way to commemorate International Women’s Day than with a boldly symbolic statue steps away from Wall Street? On March 8, 2017, The Fearless Girl was placed in front of Wall Street’s iconic charging bull statue to symbolize the power of women in leadership. Overnight, the campaign sparked thousands of conversations about promoting gender diversity in the workplace and in leadership positions.

2. WealthSimple: Unscripted Ad Campaign, “Investing for Humans”

WealthSimple is all about making financial literacy and financial tools accessible to everyone. Through their Unscripted Advertising campaign, “Investing for Humans” WealthSimple brought in hundreds of people to talk about their finances. The campaign #InvestingforHumans is relatable, authentic and genuine while providing insight from 20 different people about how they started managing their money.

As a company who is “dedicated to serving the needs of human beings without all the smokescreens, fees, obliqueness, salesmanship” the #InvestingforHumans campaign sends that message in a fascinating and storytelling focused way. If you want to learn more about the campaign or behind the scenes insight check out this link: !

3. Wendy’s Twitter “Beef”

Wendy’s presence on Twitter was hilarious and consistent with great responses to other Twitter users and fast-food competitors. Wendy’s “Beef” was a fun way to communicate that they only use fresh (never frozen!!) beef and to enlighten and entertain Twitter feeds across North America.

4. SickKids VS DadStrong – Night Shift –  Father’s Day Ad

Just before Father’s Day, SickKids released their DadStrong advertisement. Since the viral campaign started,  SickKids  revolutionized the theme of their advertisements and their marketing strategy -from pulling on heartstrings to demonstrating the fight that patients, families and hospital employees go through each day. DadStrong showcased the role father’s take on to help their children get better. The Vice President of Brand Strategy and Communications at SickKids, Lori Davison, hopes that the shifting in branding will help illustrate the everything that SickKids currently does and has the potential to do in the future to help Canadian children across the country.

5.  Apple’s Earth: Shot on iPhone

Apple released this advertisement after President Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord. The advertisement talks about climate change, instills an important message about protecting #OurOnlyHome while showcasing breathtaking footage –all taken by regular people on an iPhone.

6. FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna

Rihanna created her own makeup line in 2017 and she used her products and her advertisements to show consumers that her brand is all about inclusivity. Her use of female diversity in the form of creating makeup for women of all races, cultures, religions and backgrounds to make makeup inclusive for all women. FENTY BEAUTY has been the 2017 trailblazer for inclusivity and has redefined the beauty industry with major brands and competitors following suit.

7. Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up

After Apple released the iPhone X, Samsung had something subtle to say about it! The advertisement brillantly demonstrtes struggles every iPhone consumer has had a one point or another. Whether you’re Team iPhone or a die-hard Android user, you can’t deny that after this ad, you either considered switching to a Samsung Galaxy or you were really relieved you already have one.

8. Pass the Heinz

Check out the scene from Mad Men here:

9. The New York Times, “The Truth is Hard to Find”

When was the last time you got blocked from a great article because you ran out of free ones for the month? It happened to me a few days ago when I wanted to read an awesome article about – and I did end up subscribing – even before watching this advertisement!  As news outlets adapt to the digital age, they have had to change their revenue structure, which readers have been reluctant to pay for. During a time of “fake” news, The New York Times’ campaign “The Truth is Hard to Find” shows readers and viewers that the truth is worth paying for.

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