The 5 Stages of Recruiting Every Commerce Student Goes Through

By October 4, 2017Marketing
  1. Determination

Classes have started, your To-Do list is a mile long, but you feel like you’re ready to take on the world, or at least for the time being, ready to tackle On Campus Recruiting. You’re somewhat organized for once and you’ve recovered from frosh week activities. Nothing fazes you as you sign up for event after event. You might even be a little excited to show off the skills you learned this summer.

  1. Excitement

It’s time for your first networking event with a firm you’re really excited to work for. You suit up, do a last minute mirror check for crooked ties, wrinkly shirts or nylon runs and after the all clear from your housemates, you walk to Goodes Hall with all the confidence in the world.

That is until you enter the Atrium and see what looks like a stampede of suits…

  1. Despair

So much to do! So little time! Event after event, cover letter after cover letter and you’re starting to feel overwhelmed.

But don’t fret! Take a deep breath and remember that everyone is in the same boat. Take some time to treat yo’self after completing an application or relax after a hectic networking session. All the work you are doing will pay off!

  1. Renewed Confidence

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed but try to stay positive. After grinding through some recruiting duties, reflect on the good things that happened over the past week. Think back to the time you bonded with a recruiter over exchange or your favourite sports team. Look back to the coffee chat or interview that went well. Even though recruiting feels like being on a roller coaster at Canada’s Wonderland, know that you’ll be okay when you finish the ride!

  1. Peace at Last

Whatever the outcome of your OCR experience is, take comfort in the fact that it’s over (at least for a few weeks)! Recruiting is a hectic process, and the learning curve is like being thrown in the deep end without a swan floaty to save you. No matter the outcome, you made it through and if you’re going through the experience again, then you’ll be ready to handle whatever comes your way!