Summer Sixteen: Best Marketing Campaigns

By September 29, 2016Marketing Today
best marketing campaigns 2016

This summer has been a busy one for marketers across Canada. With the 2016 Olympics in Rio and an abundance of exciting events across the globe, many companies truly pushed their creative limits with advertisements to break through the noise of day-to-day marketing and connect with consumers. With summer unfortunately coming to an end, the QMA team is excited to share our Top 5 favourite marketing campaigns of summer 2016!

Presented by the Alumni Relations & Mentorship Team

This summer, Air Canada made a smart marketing decision following the California primary by capitalizing on a popular internet search by many Americans – ‘How can I move to Canada?’. Air Canada used this prompt to develop a digital campaign as a call to action for Americans to ‘test drive’ the Great White North. The campaign engaged with celebrities like Lena Dunham, Ariel Winter, and numerous travel bloggers over Twitter, and was a great way for the airline to stay relevant and use the election buzz to their advantage. One of the reasons we loved this campaign was because it allowed Air Canada to connect with a new demographic in the American market. Responding to tweets in real time and engaging with consumers on other social media platforms helped connect Air Canada with the younger generation and increased their brand awareness in this segment.

Presented by the Speakers Team

The second advertisement that sparked the QMA’s interest was the “Rule Yourself” campaign put out by Under Armour during the olympics. The campaign put out a strong and empowering message to athletes reminding them of the importance of their hard work behind the scenes. Using Michael Phelps as the face of the campaign, the ad used the phrase “it’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light” to remind athletes to celebrate their preparation for the Olympic games, regardless of the outcome. This positive message aligns perfectly with Under Armour’s “I Will” brand, and resonated very well with their target market.

Presented by the Workshops Team

A sporting event that can draw the eyes of billions of viewers from around the world – could a marketer ask for a better opportunity? Third on the QMA’s best marketing campaigns of summer 2016 comes from Procter & Gamble. This summer, the company re-created their “Thank You, Mom” video ad from previous Olympic Games that showcased numerous athletes growing up with the support of their mothers and how it helped them handle high pressure in their respective sporting events. Aligning well with the P&G family-oriented brand, the campaign highlighted the strength and support each athlete received from their mom that ultimately helped guide their way to the world stage. It also allowed for viewers to click a link that allowed them to send a personalized message to their own mothers.

Presented by the Finance and Logistics Team

Shifting away from the Olympic Games, our fourth favourite marketing campaign focused on another highly anticipated summer event for many millennials – the peak of many music festivals. As a part of their larger #BudLightLiving campaign, Bud Light conducted an electronic music experiment that involved a series of pseudo-psychological experiments, which surprised and delighted EDM fans with tickets to Tomorrowland, one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world. The experiments revolved around electronic dance music, rewarding those who danced the hardest, cranked the volume even when told not to, and honestly displayed a passion for EDM based on a polygraph test. We personally enjoyed this ad because the winner of experiment #3 (Amy, 28) actually worked with Charmaine as an intern this summer! With this inside scoop, we learned that Bud Light treated the winners well by paying for all expenses, providing a professional make-up crew, and filming the festival experience to make this is truly memorable experience that could be shared with others in their target market.

Presented by the Sponsorship Team

Our fifth and final favourite marketing campaign to bring an end to summer 2016 comes from Villaggio. The video ad portrays a story of an elderly gentleman trying to enjoy a sandwich, but is constantly distracted by a group of children playing with a ball. He discovers the kids are distracting him so they can try his sandwich and eventually he surprises them by putting out several sandwiches so the children can join him. The Villaggio commercial captures the playfulness of the youth and the wisdom of the elderly, and makes a clear connection between generations. Coupled with upbeat music and country setting, consumers are effectively left with a warm and comforting feeling the perfectly compliments the Villaggio brand – old world charm.