QMAC 2017 Reviews That Every Potential Delegate Should Read

By November 12, 2017Marketing

When was the last time you read a review?

Whether you’re purchasing a new product, looking for somewhere to stay on Airbnb or trying out a new restaurant, reviews are an invaluable part of the decision making process! QMAC delegate applications are due in a few short days – November 19th at 11:59pm to be exact! – and if you still haven’t decided whether you want to apply, read these delegate reviews from last year’s conference – you still have enough time left to create an awesome application!

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What was your favourite memory from QMAC 2017?


My favourite memory by far was having the opportunity to visit the Google Offices in Toronto. Not only was it an incredible experience to visit such an exciting marketing landmark, but it also happened to fall on my 21st birthday! The environment was so inspiring and it was the perfect place to hold such a fantastic speakers panel and workshops.

Sarah Hackett, Smith School of Business, Class of 2019

My favourite memory from QMAC 2017 was participating in the Mini-Challenge case competition sponsored by Smuckers and Johnson & Johnson. As a team, we were given the opportunity to analyze real-life business issues, and I really enjoyed the challenge that came along with working in a fairly large group. Despite not knowing any of my members, I was glad to have this opportunity because I got to know their passions with marketing and saw the value they all individually added to our final presentation.

Nichoson Nguyen, Sauder School of Business, Class of 2017

Aside from the speakers and workshops at the conference, on of my favourite memories from this weekend was when we had a bit of downtime, everyone in my room decided to go up and take a nap. Halfway through our nap, we were woken up to the QMA executive team knocking on our door with cupcakes–it was a great surprise!

– Ronald Wan, Sauder School of Business, Class of 2018

In your opinion, what did you find to be most valuable at QMAC 2017?


I can honestly say I had a difficult time naming just one; but if I had to choose, I would have to go with the amazing delegates I met throughout the weekend. There were always delegates from different schools and sponsor reps from different companies sitting at my table during dinner, which I am so grateful to the QMAC team for. The people I got to talk to were incredibly genuine, friendly, and easy to connect with. QMAC had such an amazing lineup of delegates, sponsors, and speakers,  and having the chance to get to know them definitely added value to my QMAC experience.

– Juliet Choi, Sauder School of Business, Class of 2018

In my opinion, there were two main value-adds from this year’s conference; the connections made with both peers and company representatives, and the insights we received from industry leaders. Being able to meet and engage with delegates, speakers, and sponsors from across Canada was truly invaluable, and really helped me expand my network beyond Queen’s. In terms of hearing from the speakers, the topics discussed weren’t things you could have learned in the classroom. I feel really honoured to have been able to listen to the thoughts of some great marketing minds like Stephen Graham and Susan Kim-Kirkland.

– Marina Pei, Smith School of Business, Class of 2018 

The exposure to what it’s like to work in the marketing industry – QMAC is the only conference that truly immerses you among marketing professionals from top companies. From starting the day at Google’s offices, to a case competition presentation in front of PepsiCo marketers, to eating dinner with a number of recruiters, there were plenty of opportunities to interact with people in positions I aspire to be in one day!

– Daniel Audisho, York University, Class of 2017


Why did you want to attend QMAC 2017?


Along with my interest in a career in marketing, I’m on a student organization back home that requires me to have sufficient knowledge of marketing trends. Because I am still at the beginning of my commerce degree, I felt as if I needed an experience outside of the classroom to supplement what I already knew about this field of business. I saw one of the executive team members post about the conference on Facebook, and I thought it sounded like an incredible opportunity to meet like-minded students and learn from some of the best marketers in Canada.

– Nickolas Bean, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Class of 2019

After attending QMAC last year, I was thoroughly impressed by the caliber of delegates, speakers, and sponsors who were present. This year, with the conference moving to Toronto, it added a level of excitement as the conference moved to the center of the action; I knew it meant even more company representatives, curious delegates, and esteemed speakers, and I was very excited for the opportunity to watch QMAC become even bigger and better than last year.

– Marina Pei, Smith School of Business, Class of 2018

I attended QMAC 2017 because I wanted to expand my understanding of the career opportunities available in Toronto. Coming from Vancouver, I felt that I was exposed to a small part of the marketing industry–recognizing that I would be able to meet and connect with a number of company representatives, I knew that flying to Toronto for QMAC was a decision that I would never look back on.

Nichoson Nguyen, Sauder School of Business, Class of 2017


What was your favourite event from the weekend?


I was so impressed by the alumni panel and the diversity of accomplished marketing leaders on the panel. My favourite takeaway was from Georgia Fong from Grip Limited, who offered amazing advice. She said: “treat every meeting you get invited to as a unique opportunity to add value”. She told us that she always contributed at least one thing to each meeting she attended, and advised us to never be silent in a meeting. This is definitely going to be an approach I take to any meeting I attend.

Juliet Choi, Sauder School of Business, Class of 2018

I really enjoyed the cocktail hours with various companies, especially on the final night with Nestle. Maybe it’s the foodie in me, but place me in a room with company representatives to network with, Haagen-Dazs ice cream in one corner, and endless amounts of chocolate in the other corner and you’ll have a hard time getting me to leave for dinner.

– Daniel Audisho, York University, Class of 2017

Susan Kim-Kirkland, hands-down. Her keynote speech at Scotiabank Theatre was a great way to start off the conference and gave so much insights on the different paths of marketing!

– Ronald Wan, Sauder School of Business, Class of 2018


Did QMAC 2017 meet your expectations?


No – it exceeded my expectations! This was my second time attending QMAC and the first time set the bar high but I’m glad to say that the QMAC team managed to pull off beating what was already my favourite conference!

– Daniel Audisho, York University, Class of 2017

I was able to get more than I could have ever expected out of the conference. I had an absolutely incredible time at QMAC 2017, and would encourage anyone with an interest in marketing or business in general to attend next year!

Sarah Hackett, Smith School of Business, Class of 2019

Even if the QMA team only had me for the first day, the conference would have already my expectations. I have learned so much from QMAC 2017 that I am excited to take home with me and apply to organizations I am a part of and future jobs I may have. The conference was so good that I’ve already told my roommates they have to come with me again next year!

– Nickolas Bean, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Class of 2019


We hope that the reviews and testimonials above have helped you learn more about what it is like to be a delegate at QMAC and we are looking forward to reading your application!

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