Marketing Must-Haves: Top 4 Marketing Blogs for the Young Marketer

Whether you’re searching for the best summer spots in Toronto or looking to catch up on the latest Hollywood gossip, we all know how wonderful blogs can be. What many millennials don’t know, however, is that blogs can also be a powerful source of trends and insights into the business world, and are a great resource for any aspiring marketer. Here are 5 great blogs to get you the inside scoop on all things marketing!

unnamed1. Hubspot – Hubspot is a highly innovative company that is changing the culture of internet and inbound marketing as we know it today. The company has 3 blogs; Marketing, Sales, and Agency. Each blog is tailored towards a specific audience to ensure that every topic in the industry is covered, from email marketing tips to choosing the right colour scheme for web design. Hubspot gives readers a refreshing take on what marketing concepts need to be thrown out and where the industry is heading.

1466896152112202. Content Marketing Institute (CMI) – Consumer behaviour is a constantly evolving field. One major trend in the marketing industry has been the significant shift towards content marketing for the millennial generation, and Content Marketing Institute (CMI) knows it best. From practical advice to relevant insights from leading marketing experts, CMI is a great blog to follow if you want to be up to date with the latest content marketing trends.

QMA: Pro-Tip: You can also join CMI and their special guests each week for #CMWorld Twitter Chats, where you can participate live in the discussion on content marketing! 

unnamed (2)3. Adweek AdFreak – We all know and love Adweek, however, you can also follow the daily blog of the best and worst in advertising, media, marketing, and design with AdFreak! As aspiring marketers, this blog is highly relatable – it covers everything from the world’s best commercials to the latest in political marketing techniques to must-see creative and much more. This blog produces unique content that is short, timely, and has something for everyone to enjoy! This recent post is one of my personal favourite reads.

unnamed (3)4. TopRank Marketing Blog – When it comes to reaching a millennial audience, social media continues to be a growing outlet for today’s marketers. TopRank Marketing Blog explores the most effective social media platforms for different industries, explains how to build a strong content strategy, and busts some of the most common marketing myths. This blog also covers the fundamentals of online marketing, which makes it a great resource for students.

Wherever your interests in marketing may lie, I can guarantee that there is an engaging and insightful blog out there for you. As students, it is increasingly important to take the time to learn beyond the pages of a textbook to stay connected with the industry. Consider taking a few minutes to explore these blogs and add them to your personal marketing toolkit!

Julia Baldaro is a second-year marketing student at Queen’s University. She was born in Markham and raised in Oakville, and in true QMA fashion, she is passionate about all things orange! In her free time, you can find Julia tearing up the soccer field, working with her favourite charity, or shedding a tear over the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode.