12 Tips and Tricks to Ace Your QMAC 2018 Application

By November 7, 2017Tips & Tricks

Applications to QMAC 2018 have officially been released and are due November 19th at 11:59pm! QMAC is looking for talented students with a passion for marketing to attend this year’s conference. To help you get started with your application, our Delegates Coordinators, Kristina Burrows and Mike Miura have decided to reveal tips and tricks so you can ace your application. What are you waiting for? Read below to discover information to include in your application, guidelines for your creative and words of advice on how to write a Nucleus article!

It’s All About the App


Question 1:

Touch on your experience, but remember to focus more on how you will delight sponsors at the conference and improve the experience of others.

Question 2:

This may seem like a daunting question, do not feel overwhelmed! Think about the various reasons you are attracted to marketing, and what areas of marketing you are most interested in. This question should help you:

  • Think more about your marketing career and motivations.
  • Help you prepare for insightful networking conversations with sponsors and company representatives.
  • Ask yourself: What industries am I interested in? What aspects of Commerce courses spark my interest? Would you prefer working for a larger or smaller company?


Get Creative!


Now that you’ve answered the first two questions of the application, it’s time to get down to business and smash that creative! The creative can be an intimidating aspect of the application so we have provided four tips to help you get started!

  1. Relevant to QMAC

Although this creative will involve unique and outside of the box ideas, you should try to ensure the messages are focused on QMAC and draw a strong connection to the conference and our brand.

  1.  Don’t get lost in the creative process

Make sure your creative presents a clear message. It can be easy to focus more on the sexiness of marketing rather than the goal of the campaign. A strong creative has great content and is visually engaging.

  1. Be yourself!

Share who you really are, not who you think we want you to be. Why does QMAC want YOU?

  1. Remember… it is a creative!

Get inspired by the examples above, but do not constrain yourself to those ideas! The best way to stand out is to try something that no one has done before OR take an idea and make it your own! Use this as a chance to show us your passion for both marketing and QMAC.


Tips on Writing a Nucleus Article


Last but certainly not least: writing a Nucleus article as your creative! Although video submissions have been very popular over the past few years, a Nucleus article is a great way to stand out amongst the crowd. Don’t forget about the previous tips when writing your Nucleus article!

A phenomenal Nucleus Article is…

  1. Current and up to date
    • The Nucleus is a resource hub for all marketing students where they can stay informed about what’s going on in the marketing world. Make sure your article reflects current trends or issues in a way that will captivate the audience.
  1. Relatable and engaging to the reader demographic
    • Remember the winner will have their article featured on QMA’s Nucleus, which is an incredible opportunity to have your work read by other students and industry professionals. We’re looking for your spin on a topic that is both educational and marketing related. Check out some of our latest articles here for inspiration.
  1. Centered around a topic you’re passionate about
    • QMAC is looking for passionate and committed individuals, and it will be very clear to us through your writing if you’re interested in the piece, so make sure you choose a topic of passion! We’re super excited to read them and hope you’re just as excited to write them. Have fun with it and really make it your own!


We look forward to reading your application and hope to see you at QMAC 2018! Don’t forget to submit your application here by November 19th at 11:59pm. Good luck!